Monday, April 26, 2010

Heritage Museum (Saint Charles, MO)

Under construction in Saint Charles, the Heritage Museum will provide a 6,000 square-foot facility to display artifacts and exhibits recognizing historic and cultural contributions from County residents over the years. The outside features nearly 4,000 square feet of new patio space constructed with the Romanstone weathered four-piece Ledge Rock pavers and VERSA-LOK weathered Mosaic walls and columns.

Romanstone Ledge Rock Weathered Concrete Pavers - Bethany Ledge Color Blend
Additional information available at:

VERSA-LOK Weathered Mosaic Walls and Columns - Bethany Ledge Color Blend
Additional information available at:

Waterfront Paver Patio (Lake Saint Louis, MO)

Despite the overcast skies, these project photos clearly show the beauty of Romanstone PreLedge Rock pavers.

The patio was built using a repeating pattern of four different size pavers (6x6, 6x9, 6x12, and 12x12) in the Bethany Ledge color blend. Please visit the websites listed below for available color blends, laying patterns, and additional information on these new Romanstone pavers.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rosetta Waterfall (Kirchner Bridgeton Office)

Kirchner's new Rosetta Waterfall is now on display in Bridgeton! Constructed using Rosetta Hardscape precast units, here are a few of the features provided by this system:

  • Beautiful weathered stone textures

  • Outcropping faces range from 6" to 24" in height and up to 6' wide

  • Consistent dimensions = fast installation

  • Quality high-strength materials = long term durability

  • Engineered, interlocking units suitable for any application.

  • Multiple natural color blends

  • Pre-drawn patterns and layout software = easier estimating & reduced waste
Enjoy the pictures and video below...please contact Kirchner at 314-291-3200 for additional information or visit and for specifications, pre-drawn details, project photos, and much more.

Video (Left Side View)

Video (Front View)

Video (Right Side View)

A Work in Progress...plants and trees will soon arrive to help complete this hardscape display at Kirchner's Bridgeton facility...check back here at for updates.


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